Vasilikon 1888

Vasilikon Hotel

With an eye to the mythical past, the fascinating present,

but also the impatient future,

the historic Vasilikon Hotel welcomes you

to the heart of Kalamata


Queen Nikoteleia

“Celebration of victory” means 

the name of Nicoteleia, 

who slept with a god and gave birth 

to the national hero of Messinia


Queen Messeni

Legend has it that the region

of Messinia was named

after its first queen:

the ambitious Messene


Price Antilochus

Antilochus fought bravely in Troy,

says Homer, and gave his life

for his beloved father: Nestor,

the wise king of Pylos


King Nestor

A Homeric beacon of wisdom

rises in time: the long-lived Nestor,

king of Pylos and grandson of Poseidon,

who lived a stormy life


King Aristodemus

A glorified hero of the Messinian

Resistance to the Spartans,

Aristodemus was the first to embody

his people’s longing for freedom


King Gresphontes

Great-grandson of the demigod Hercules 

and brother of the hero Aristodemus:

Cresphontes, as is said, won with his cunning the reign of Messinia


Queen Merope

In the interest of her homeland 

was Merope married to Cresfontes,

and she managed to save only one son:

the new primogenitor king


King Aristomenes

Already a legend in the ancient times,

Aristomenes did not really reign,

except in the hearts of his people

and in his brave soldiers’ morale


King Aepytus

After being rescued from murderous fate 

by his queen mother,

Aepytus stood worthy of duty

and wrote his own History


King Diocles

A long tradition

of hosting eminent visitors

was inaugurated by King Diocles

of the Ancient Pharae (Kalamata)

who opened his palace to Peisistratos,

son of Nestor, and to Telemachus

who was looking for 

his father, Odysseus.

General Epaminondas

The spirit of the Theban

General Epaminondas

who founded Ancient Messene

guards vigilantly

at the entrance of Vasilikon

all the myths, the heroes, the kings,

and their visitors…